Installing Granite in Mississauga Research – and a Good Dealer!

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Before You Install Your Stone Floor…

After a great deal of research and deliberation, you’ve decided to ‘go granite’. You are attracted by the stone’s durability and beauty, and believe it’s the perfect choice for flooring and counters in your kitchen. What particularly attracts you – maybe even mesmerizes you – about granite is its uniqueness. You understand that every piece of stone will be "one of a kind.” But what else should you know about installing granite in your Mississauga home?
First of all, understand that the samples at your stone dealer’s store won’t look exactly like the flooring you’ve installed. This is a product of nature and, like nature, it comes a little different every time. The colors and veining will vary from the samples you saw – and you should take pleasure in that.
Furthermore, the stone won’t have a perfectly smooth surface. Small chips or pits may become evident in the light of your kitchen.  And give another thought to the eventual home of the stone – some stone tiles such as polished granite are very slippery when wet. You may wish to have a honed surface.
You’ve selected the stone – but have you considered the kind of grouting that will go between your stones? Do you want it to contrast or co-ordinate with it? If you want subtlety, pick a grout close in colour to the stone.

Installation Costs!

You can’t install a granite floor yourself. You’ll have to rely on a professional and you should make sure that this is included in your budget. The installer will have to remove your existing furniture, and then tear up, remove, and dispose of your old floor covering. A potentially large expense comes next with the preparation of the subfloor. Depending on the condition of that floor after removal of the old covering, there may be a great deal of prepping necessary. There are often product delivery charges, as well as a cost per square foot charge to install the new floor. Additional materials may be required to complete the installation. And when all is said and done – there may be financing charges.

Cleaning Your Floor

Sand, grit and dirt can damage natural stone surfaces because they are abrasives. So are some cleansers. Sweep or wet mop your floor as needed. Damp mopping your natural stone floor will keep it looking beautiful, but use soap, not detergent. Make a point of wiping up spills immediately.
Your retailer can suggest special cleaners designed for stone floors but avoid products with lemon juice, vinegar or other acids. Also avoid abrasive cleaners or any ammonia-based ones. They will mar the finish of your tile.
Finally, granite floors need to be resealed every year or every other year. This requires a professional – another budgetary item you need to factor in.
But the installation and maintenance costs of granite should not deter you. The stone has been proven to increase the value of a home’s resale value. All that hard work and planning that started you down the process of going granite will result in a beautiful room that will enhance your beloved home.